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Coming Home

I’ve been back for little over a month now, and while I’m not even up to date on blog posts of my travels, I’ve got to say that it feels good to be back.
Yes, the full-time job hunting gets depressing. But having some freelance writing to do fills the days (and the bank account) a little.

A lot has changed in a year and a half, but a lot has also stayed the same. I came across one of those sappy pictures on Pinterest one day while I was away and sent it to one of my closest friends, but I’ve realized that it applies to all of them.


My friends are some of the most amazing people. I’ve hardly paid for nights out, they’re sending my resume to everyone they know, and everyone is so eager to spend time with me that my Canada Day long weekend is mostly filled with overlaps and requests for hang-outs. It feels good. So good, in fact, that I want to cry just out of sheer appreciation and because of how lucky I truly am.

So, to those who have welcomed me back with open arms and often tears of joy, I thank you.

The realization that life here continued without me is almost too much to handle sometimes. Friends are getting married, separating, graduating, moving into adult homes and building businesses.

Toronto, I thought, would at least be just as I left it. Instead, entire neighbourhoods have sprung out of nowhere and my own once crackhead filled community is now one of the hippest places in the city. When I go to a bar up the street and they start rattling off all the flavours of beers and are actually being helpful, I look around and wonder where I am. But it’s nice to actually be able to say what neighbourhood you live in and people recognize. It’s no longer, “The Junction, where’s that?” It’s “Oh, yeah, there’s this awesome (insert shop / restaurant / bar / market) there that I love.”
I’m seeing entire buildings, stores, café’s and restaurants that are brand new and everytime I go out, I ask myself, “What was there before?”

As I look back in my notes to finally catch up on some long lost travel stories it feels as if I’m readying someone else’s diary and I ask myself how it’s possible that I really did all that. One month of travel sounds like quite a bit, and the amount of stuff that I packed into that month is absolutely astounding. By the time I got back to Lopburi at the end of everything, Burma felt like a lifetime ago. My friends had come and gone, we danced soaking wet at Songkran, partied on Phi Phi, lounged on Koh Lanta and I explored Malaysia on my own (but not really alone). As I try to catch up on some long lost content, I’m going to be reliving those moments. And just at the time when I’m starting to desperately miss everyone from Lopburi. To you guys, the above photo also rings true.

Sorry this has been sappy. I’m just overwhelmed by and grateful for all the love I have in my life.

About dontcallmenikki

I'm your typical Torontonian city girl who is continuously fulfilling her wanderlust. I've walked hand in trunk with an elephant, been on safari, swam with sharks in South Africa, pet a tiger, bartered in markets, eaten street food daily in Thailand, seen Angkhor Wat at sunset and sunrise, slept in a Loas village, trekked through mountains and tubed down the Vang Vieng river. After completing a years teaching contract in Thailand I headed to Burma to sail down the Irrawaddy, photograph leg rowers, sit in silence at many glistening stupas and make friends with monks. Now it's time for what my friends call the "real world" and acclimatizing back into Western culture.

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  1. Did you even see the Old navey commercial inserted in this blog about love???? To coincidental. I love you too.


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