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I can haz vote?

When it comes election time, or any time when people vote for something, there are always a hundred and one unique ways to explain things.

I personally enjoyed this one about Britain’s referendum on the popular vote where they used cats vs. dogs to describe the different electoral processes, and how the alternative vote would prevent strategic voting and eliminate the concept of the wasted vote.

Discussion is a wonderful thing

I came across this this morning and as a woman, as someone who has had ‘scares’ and as someone who has watched two very different stories of young woman keeping children, I find this kind of debate always interesting.

In the States, a woman who was taking the abortion pill RU-486 (not approved for use in Canada) livetweeted her entire experience. By making her story public she was trying to put a new face on abortion, remove the stigma and make it less scary by proving that it’s not that painful.

Of course, this sparked a little bit of an insane debate, using the hashtag #livetweetingabortion. There are crazy zealots, death threats being thrown around and the never ending debate of when a baby is considered a human.
(Also some crazy talk about something being aborted but breathing on a table… ummm how?)

Thanks to this story, I didn’t have to search back through weeks worth of tweets to find out the details of her abortion.

Angie Jackson
Now, the woman didn’t choose to have an abortion for “selfish” reasons, considering that she was already a mother, but because her health may not have been able to handle it.
She also posted a youtube channel explaining her reasons as well as a personal blog.

Good on her!
The discussion should always continue.