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March is Phoneography Month: ‘Aww Yeah’ shots

Once again, I have a random addition to my forthcoming series of phone pictures, idea thanks to WordPresses Phoneography Month. These are ones that I’m proud of. That make my little camera seem like a God when it does things that I want it to do without even having to think about it.

Honestly, these are the pictures I’ve taken and gone “awwww yeaaaah” because it captured the moment perfectly and I didn’t have to rustle around in my giant purse to locate my point and shoot camera.

I’d also like to take a moment to announce that I haven’t, and will not, edit a single one of my phoneography pictures in order to more accurately emphasize the awesomeness of both the photographer and the camera. (Does this make me sound like I have a big head? Really, I’m just proud that my purchase of 2 years ago still continues to amaze me.)

Monkeys hanging out on a wire in Old Town Lopburi

Monkeys hanging out on a wire in Old Town Lopburi

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Phranang Beach… and the most penises I’ve seen in my life

In conversation recently, I was asked what my favourite beach in Thailand is. Of what I’ve seen, I think I would have to say here:


The water was perfect for swimming, the white sand perfect for lounging, the caves ideal for exploring, and the ingenious longtail boat restaurants made for a tasty beach picnic. The whole setting was something out of a photograph, a gift of nature that one could only hope to see. claims that this beach was voted one of the ten best beaches in the world. Who polled that, or when, I’m not sure because sadly there isn’t even a beach in Thailand on the National Geographic list. However, the beach surely is gorgeous; add to the fact that it’s not really a resort beach (I think there were only one or two in the general vicinity) or a party beach makes it that much more special. Read the rest of this entry

Ao Nang: The town of the endless hustle

The marvelous view from Ao Nang beach

The marvelous view from Ao Nang beach

Walking up the street in Ao Nang reminded me a lot of being hassled in Cambodia, without the street kids tugging at your heart strings. Every step you take down the main strip there is a shop owner greeting you with a flyer, with a compliment, with a plea to just “buy something.”

I’m the kind of person who gets put off by pushy sales people in shops at home. Whether they are just doing it to be super friendly, or whether they are told that they must great every single customer with a complete run-down of everything that’s on sale in the store and instant help with sizes, colours or purchases in general. Some might see it as customer service, I believe firmly in service that’s there when you want it, not harassment. So needless to say, I’ve had a hard time in Southeast Asia where every market stall owner starts bargaining with you the instant you pick something up off the table.

In Ao Nang, however, the harassment was so intense that I nearly literally had a panic attack, walking with my fists at my side ready to punch the next guy who stood in the street and wouldn’t let me walk past without looking at his posterboard of “beautiful dress made special for beautiful lady.”

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