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Bring it, 2014

It’s the eve of the new year, so of course, I’m reflecting on the past year.

I rang in 2013 surrounded by new, yet lifelong friends on a beach on Koh Chang, Thailand with a bucket in hand, and I’m ending the year in the exact opposite way. It’s absolutely freezing in Toronto and I’m getting prepared to get all dressed up and head downtown to one of the fanciest hotels in the city for a party that I wouldn’t have been going to if it weren’t for work.

Throughout the year I’ve said emotional goodbyes to friends, my students and colleagues and had emotional reunions with my truest and dearest. I’ve gone from being gainfully employed, saving to travel to being contractually employed, saving to pay off debt, with a large period of (f)unemployment in between. I’m not really ending the year with a bang, but I’m ending it on a high note.

I’ve done a lot this year that I can be proud of. Of course there were low moments, lonely moments, but there were also (and continue to be) moments that I wished would never end.

I’m not too psyched about this New Year’s Eve, as I can barely afford a glass of wine at this hotel, let alone a buckets worth of alcohol, but I am excited about the coming year. I’m working with a company that I love (and think they love me too) and feel secure in what’s to come.

I’m preparing to move out with a close friend, and I feel like this is the year for growing up and doing things the adult way. I know that I’m ready; I can feel it in my bones. I’ve grown so much this last year, through so many unique and wonderful experiences, that I can hold my head high and say “Bring it, 2014.”

Merry Christmas, Joyous Apocalypse and Happy New Year

So it’s officially 2013 and has been for some time. I’ve obviously been a busy little bee this past month.

703840_10151189320640787_1280155560_oSpending the holidays overseas away from family and friends was a little depressing, but I coped with lots of beer and beach. Not to mention that my roommate and I made sure that we celebrated in true Western fashion for the entire month leading up to Christmas. With a mini Christmas tree, a whiteboard full of “Merry Christmas’” in other languages and advent calendars to indulge in every morning.

Since I work for a Western company, we got the full holiday season off to do as we please. So a close friend and I packed our bags and hopped on the first bus down to Koh Chang. I’ve been there before, but never wrote about our long weekend of indulgence. Maybe I was too hungover, maybe I wanted to keep the memories for myself. Either way, I’ll share now.

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