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March is Phoneography Month: A day in the life

While these aren’t from today, or yesterday, or even one day in general, I thought it only right to compile photos from my (now outdated, but still awesome) Samsung Galaxy 2 Android that best describe a day in the life of an English teacher in Thailand.

Hugs make this job worth it

Hugs make this job worth it

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March is Phoneography Month: Pets

As part of my continued participation in March is Phoneography Month, I’ve organized a collection of my Thailand pets. Seriously. Sometimes I think that people have a camera on their phone for one sole purpose: To show the world their pet.

I’m a victim as well. There are so many photo’s of my dogs Rocky and Buddy that I think my phone should just self-implode.

But since I’ve been in Thailand, I have had a chance to have, or help others have, some other amazing pets. First there was the kitten who was too young to be in a pet shop and whom my boss instantly adopted.


Then there were some seriously adorable puppies who just helped themselves up onto our porch. A photoshoot ensued, obviously.

Then, the best of all, Jing Jai. (Means “real heart” in Thai)

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March is Phoneography Month: ‘Aww Yeah’ shots

Once again, I have a random addition to my forthcoming series of phone pictures, idea thanks to WordPresses Phoneography Month. These are ones that I’m proud of. That make my little camera seem like a God when it does things that I want it to do without even having to think about it.

Honestly, these are the pictures I’ve taken and gone “awwww yeaaaah” because it captured the moment perfectly and I didn’t have to rustle around in my giant purse to locate my point and shoot camera.

I’d also like to take a moment to announce that I haven’t, and will not, edit a single one of my phoneography pictures in order to more accurately emphasize the awesomeness of both the photographer and the camera. (Does this make me sound like I have a big head? Really, I’m just proud that my purchase of 2 years ago still continues to amaze me.)

Monkeys hanging out on a wire in Old Town Lopburi

Monkeys hanging out on a wire in Old Town Lopburi

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Say Cheese! March is Phoneography Month

A view of some ruins by the train station in Lopburi

A view of some ruins by the train station in Lopburi

So I’ve decided I’m going to participate in WordPresses March is Phoneography Month.

I’ve actually taken an amazing amount of pictures from my phone that I don’t even know where to start. But having this little beast in my pocket at all times always comes in handy, and always allows me to capture the moment spontaneously – if I remember that my phone even has a camera.

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Reminiscing before it even ends

On the verge of getting too sappy too soon, I’ve compiled a slideshow of pictures of my Thailand family. The people who were strangers once upon a time, but who are currently the closest of friends.

Today is officially most people’s last teaching day. And while I may not be officially leaving Lopburi until the middle of May,  people are going to start shipping out. Whether they’re taking an epic train journey through China, Russia and Mongolia ending up in London, travelling around South East Asia, or jumping on a plane home, my home away from home is going to start thinning out. So I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic about the last year. The things we’ve done together, the laughs, and the experiences. It makes a girl start to get really sappy.

So without further depressing ado; here’s my recollection of a year spent with some amazing people.

Sunflower fields in Lopburi

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with sunflowers. So much so, that I have taken pictures of them, and have been saving pictures of sunflower tattoo ideas onto my hard drive since at least 2010.

So it seems fitting that I coincidentally moved into a town that is famous around Thailand for their mass amounts of sunflower fields. (Yet another reason to get that tattoo that I’ve been planning for the last three years.)

The sunflower fields are only fully in bloom for approximately three weeks in December. For those three glorious weeks the areas just outside town are so amazingly beautiful that I took to driving with my gaze almost completely on the fields and hardly on the road itself.

Sunflowers are a major source of the economy in Lopburi, aside from it’s main source – the army –  and are farmed for the use of sunflower oil, sunflower seeds and sunflower butter, to name a few.

But I can’t properly describe the amazing view of the fields, so I’ll let my pictures do the talking.