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My to-do list is longer than Santa’s list of nice children

I kid, I kid. I’m sure there are plenty of children who are going to get more than coal in their stocking this year. I, however, have been having a hard time telling people what I want for Christmas, as I’ve been thinking about packing everything I need for a year into one backpack and a box, hence the need for my list-making spree.

For years, I’ve been a little insane when it comes to to-do lists. Every notebook I’ve ever had was always filled with to-do lists, to buy lists and budget lists.

I make one, forget where I wrote it, and write another.

I usually end up with 5 of the same lists with slight variances.

So I’m not exactly good at the list thing, but I’m honing my craft.

This week, I’ve made like 10. Minimum.

Some of them are things I need to research, some of them are things I need to do, some of them are things I need to buy and some of them are things I’m going to pack.

See, insane.

I like to call it organized.

However, it’s not so organized when I can’t find where I put that list and have to re-research the phone number I needed, or rack my brain for the things I needed to buy.

Despite that, I’ve found throughout the years that making a list is a good way to distress. It places everything I’ve been thinking about non-stop onto one ruled sheet of paper (or note in my phone, or scrap piece of paper) so that I can look at it and visualize everything that needs to get done. I’ve also found that it sometimes turns into a good way to motivate me to actually get it done.

Nothing is more satisfying that crossing things off that list.

However, when deadlines start looming and things keep getting added to that list is when the REAL crazy sets in.

Lately it seems like everything that I try and do can’t be completed in one easy step, and every phone call turns into yet another item on my list.

For example, this morning a simple phone call about getting travel insurance for the next year turned into adding to my list calling the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, then making sure that I get in tough with Service Canada to extend my OHIP from 212 days outside the country to at least a year.

These next few weeks are going to be filled with stress, sleepless nights, and feeling like my time spent at work making money are wasted hours in which I could be getting things done.

Bring it on.